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By Kerrie Souchotte, 08/31/19, 1:45PM EDT


Thank you to Revolution Soccer Camps!  They hosted their inaugural tournament last weekend and it is with pride that we took the title as their first U13 Girls Champions!!

An early morning tourney opener set these ladies on a good pace defeating Lincoln 8-0!  Thanks to all of our parents for contributing to our team BBQ in between games and to Matt for taking over the grill!  It may have worked against us, however, as we fell short to Hamilton Sparta 4-0 later that afternoon.

After a good rested sleep, the girls came back fresh Sunday morning with a 3-0 win over St. Catharines Roma!  The girls were in "The Zone" and completely focused for the upcoming final game putting them up against Sparta again.

The girls fought hard and used all of their skills to hold Sparta to a 1-0 lead. Just before the half, Jayla Eaton launched a beauty shot from well outside the 18 over the keepers reach to tie it up!!  Both teams fought hard to push ahead in the second half but the battle remained tied at the end of regulation time.  Shoot outs determined the final outcome and with another well placed shot by Jayla and a second by Sara Walsh, PC Storm took the title!!!  Abi Benard was stellar in her first shoot out and earned the win for the Storm ladies!

This marks the second time this season that the ladies have found themselves in the final.  Conditioning proving to be the key piece of the puzzle as they continue to tire their opponents and their unmatched chemistry keeps them from letting up.  A nail biter of a finish but the product of pure passion.  Way to show them how it's done!!

Team BBQ!

Victory Run Video!

CHECK IT OUT!! Storm Girls always celebrate their achievements and losses with their parents, who are, after all, their biggest supporters!